Here's what some owners have said about their Stegner knives:

"I just got back from a trip to Montana where I butchered and skinned two deer with my new caping knife . As I have said in the past, your knives are by far the most usable in my collection of custom made knives. Your Caper is probably the ultimate. It fits nicely in your back pocket. It gutted, skinned, and helped butcher two deer without even needing to be touched up. I think, out of my collection, it is my best knife."
- James L. Boylon, M.D.

"I used my knife to flesh hide, and cape (Kodiak Bear - hide 9'1" square, skull 26 7/16"). The knife held an edge even the second day with salt on the hide. Best knife I have ever used."
- Jim McIntosh, Electric Utility Consultant
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