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Wilbur Stegner

Over a century of fine American design and craftsmanship began when Wilbur Stegner's Great Grandfather (right) and Grandfather emigrated from Northern Europe in the late 1800's. Since then his family has produced everything from handcrafted wagons and fine custom furniture, to precision aircraft parts. His craft training began during the early 1950's in his father's workshop.

Wilbur started making knives in 1977 when he and his wife Sharon were homesteading in a remote area of Alaska. It was in those rugged and demanding conditions that he learned the value of a quality knife.

Using only the finest materials, Wilbur is dedicated to making knives that are practical, durable, and beautiful. All the work is done by hand and eye. No computer guided equipment here!

Wilbur makes damascus steel in a variety of patterns, and also uses high alloys such as ATS-34, CPM S30V, S35VN, and many others. He heat treats the blades in his own shop. Precise temperature, atmospheric control, and subzero quench, assure maximum edgeholding and toughness. Each blade is hardness tested.

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